28 June 2011

detail a day 251

light sweet crude

(via The New York Times Global Oil Reserves Tapped in Effort to Cut Cost at Pump)

detaila day 250

hawk's whistling scream invisible in the thick of the treeline

detail a day 249

loose buttons on our mattress

detaila day 248

four strong dreams about drowning

27 June 2011

detail a day 247

every woman now,
one sister
or another

21 June 2011

detail a day 246: summer solstice

in a year, the sun's analemma
traces an infinity sign in the sky:
solstice at the peak of each loop
and two equinoxes at the cross


20 June 2011

detail a day 245

As we argued, laughed and drank in the other lit room,
the cat in the window watched silently
two rabbits graze in the dark yard.

detail a day 244

All afternoon I wrote on the porch watching the orioles
chase the blue jay from their nest,

so the oriole can only be hours dead in the alley,
his small eyes are already eaten.

Even if i buried his bright body in lime,
dug it back up for the bones,
and soaked the skeleton in bleach

to wear the white skull at my throat,
the talons at my wrists,

the flaring feathers still would be silent.

17 June 2011

detail a day 243

every night that mockingbird
singing in the dark
who answers?

16 June 2011

detail a day 242

my love playing guitar in the other room
feedback and pickup humming up the walls
my love playing the room

15 June 2011

detail a day 241

sold a book for 8 bucks
spent 7 on toothpaste and toilet paper
eying the nail polish at the counter
rich and famous

14 June 2011

detail a day 240

Church of Body Modification Statement of Faith

We will always respect our bodies.
We believe it is our right to explore our world, both physical and supernatural, through spiritual body modification.
We promise to always grow as individuals through body modification and what it can teach us about who we are and what we can do.
We vow to share our experiences openly and honestly in order to promote growth in mind, body, and soul.
We honor all forms of body modification and those who choose to practice in safe and consensual ways.
We also promise to respect those who do not choose body modification.
We support all that join us in our mission and help those seeking us in need of spiritual guidance.
We strive to share a positive message with everyone we encounter, in order to act as positive role models for future generations in the body modification community.
We always uphold basic codes of ethics and encourage others to do the same.

13 June 2011

detail a day 239

ambulance siren echoed metallically off the city's stone walls

10 June 2011

detail a day 238

"Audio circuits hum when they don't know what silence should sound like."


detail a day 237

we used to pinch the pods of fuschia to make them pop

detail a day 236

we are at once orpheus, eurydice, demeter, persephone.
each of us our own hades.

09 June 2011

detaila day 235

I tune into the station just in time to catch a voice over a breakbeat saying
It is our function as artists to make the spectator see the world our way not his way.

(see also)

08 June 2011

detail a day 234

at 2 a.m., last night's solar flare
set off our neighbor's burglar alarm

(see also)

detail a day 233

summer heat presses the green from honeysuckled hillsides,
swells the air with sweet that sticks in the back of my throat

detail a day 232

my high school punk rock boyfriend:
the only thing he hated more
than the man
was women

07 June 2011

detail a day 231

lifelong love for the x-acto knife

detail a day 230

old as it is, i still love
to lose myself in this song
that builds like a storm brewing

04 June 2011

02 June 2011

detail a day 228

the wind pulls my hair like a sister

01 June 2011

detail a day 227

somedays: compassion, impermanence
some: what i wouldn't give for a jawline like hers

detail a day 226

The couple beside me with their feet in the fountain
argues for an hour. Over the rush of water,
I can only make out the cadences of defense and attack.
They leave for the museum, and when they return,
she asks me to take their picture. I say yes,
tell them to sit where the sun will light their faces.